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    SBUV/2 Products - The Solar Backscatter Ultraviolet Radiometer-2 (SBUV/2) is an operational remote sensor designed to map, on a global scale, total ozone concentrations and the vertical distribution of ozone in the earth's atmosphere. The 1b Capture Data Set contains (1) all SBUV/2 sensor data and support data necessary for the derivation of atmospheric ozone and solar flux; (2) instrument in-flight calibration data and housekeeping functions for monitoring post-launch instrument changes; and (3) prelaunch calibration factors, and computed current-day instrument calibration and albedo correction factors to adjust the ozone algorithm for actual instrument performance.The Product Master File (PMF) contains ozone information located in space and time, other meteorological information developed in support of the ozone computation, parameters indicating the validity of the individual ozone retrievals, and the radiance information derived from the SBUV/2 measurements.

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