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    Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite - Types of products: High performance Total Column environmental data records (EDR); Heritage TOMS V7 Total Column EDRs; High performance Ozone Profile EDRs; Heritage SBUV V6 Nadir Profile data records; IR Total Column data records from Cross-track Infra-red Sounder (CRIS) radiances

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    03/16/2022 - Please note, CLASS offers a reprocessed version (pre 06/01/2020) of this data using the improved algorithms. See the RPOMPSSDR products search page for details.

    10/11/2017 - Please note that the wavelength scale and solar flux data in the SOMPS records for the time frame 2017-05-30 @15:45Z to 2017-06-08 @15:30Z are not consistent. The wavelength scale has been adjusted to approximate the instrument Earth radiance registration accounting for an annual cycle in thermal environment, while the solar flux is from measurements taken at a different time of year with different wavelength registration.

    The S-NPP OMPS Nadir Profiler instrument has a small but significant seasonal variation in the wavelength scale. This is caused by a slowly varying instrument thermal environment. The size of the shift is approximately -0.02 nm to +0.02 nm from a nominal value. Beginning on April 20, 2017 a correction for the wavelength shift was implemented in the IDPS system. The solar flux look-up table and earth-view wavelength look-up tables are now being updated every two weeks. The S-NPP OMPS SDR datasets prior to April 20, 2017 use less accurate solar and wavelength information. The datasets after this date use seasonally varying wavelength and solar flux.

    Beginning on August 11-14, 2014, CLASS started receiving the majority of JPSS data in gzip compressed format. The file names remained the same. Other than the file size being smaller, users do not need to make any changes to their software to use the data.



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Sensor Data Record
OMPS Nadir Profile Calibration SDR (SOMNC) (restricted)
OMPS Nadir Profile Science SDR (SOMPS) (public 03/01/2012)
OMPS Nadir Total Column Calibration SDR (SOMSC) (restricted)
OMPS Nadir Total Column Science SDR (SOMTC) (public 03/01/2012)
OMPS Nadir Profile Calibration SDR Geolocation (GONCO) (restricted)
OMPS Nadir Profile SDR Geolocation (GONPO) (public 03/01/2012)
OMPS Total Column Calibration SDR Geolocation (GOSCO) (restricted)
OMPS Total Column Ellipsoid Geolocation (GOTCO) (public 03/01/2012)



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