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    Ocean Color Data Products non-VIIRS (OC_NOVIIRS) - Ocean Color Data Products

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MERIS Level 2 Data compressed
MODIS Aqua Level 2 Data compressed
MODIS Aqua SWIR Level 2 Data compressed
MODIS Terra Level 2 Data compressed
SeaWifs Level 1A Data
SeaWiFS Level 2 Data compressed
SeaWifs Level 2 Data
SeaWifs Level 2 GIF Image
SeaWifs Level 2 GIF Thumbnail Image
SeaWifs Level 2 TIF Image
SeaWifs Level 2 TIF Thumbnail Image
SeaWiFS Level 2 for CoastWatch HDF compressed

HNSG - GSFC NASA Greenbelt, MD
HUSF - University of South Florida, Saint Petersburg, FL
HMBR - Moss Landing, CA
HUAF - University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK
HORB - no station identifier, data processed at ORBIMAGE(GeoEye), VA
HUTX - University of Texas, TX
HUSC - University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
HIGP - University of Hawaii, HI
ODUL - ORBIMAGE (GeoEye), Dulles, VA
HOSA - SeaSpace, San Diego, CA
HBIO - Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
HROT - Rota, Spain

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