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    NOAA CoastWatch Chlorophyll Frontal Product from MODIS/Aqua - This collection includes MODIS/Aqua chlorophyll frontal data products. The NOAA Okeanos operational production system produces near real-time chlorophyll frontal products (magnitude and direction), using data from MODIS/Aqua L2 chlorophyll products that are generated in the Okeanos system using the NASA L2gen ocean color algorithm. The chlorophyll frontal products are calculated using the BOA-SNRA algorithm, a combination of the Belkin-O'Reilly Algorithm (BOA) for front detection (Belkin and O'Reilly, 2009), and the Stripe Noise Reduction Algorithm (SNRA) (Belkin et al, 2013). The BOA-SNRA code is included in the CoastWatch ocean color products processing software that was written by the NOAA CoastWatch team. Maps of oceanic chlorophyll fronts can be directly used in marine fisheries, marine conservation, environment protection, and other applications and operations. Real-time chlorophyll frontal products can be accessible via the following URL address: The historical products are archived at the NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

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