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    NPP Official Ancillary Data (Static and Dynamic) - NPP Ancillary data

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    03/31/2022 - As of March 31, 2022, CLASS has stopped receiving the short term model forecast data from JPSS. With the migration of JPSS-produced non-Mission Unique Products (MUPs) to Enterprise NOAA Unique Products (NUPs), this model data is no longer used by or distributed by JPSS. For assistance locating alternate sources of model data please contact the CLASS Help Desk at

    07/16/2013 - NOGAPS were effective from October 28, 2011 to July 31, 2013.


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NCEP GFS 3 Hour Forecast Native
NCEP GFS 6 Hour Forecast Native
NCEP GFS 9 Hour Forecast Native
NCEP GFS 12 Hour Forecast Native
NCEP GFS 15 Hour Forecast Native
NCEP GFS 18 Hour Forecast Native
NCEP GFS 21 Hour Forecast Native
NCEP GFS 24 Hour Forecast Native
NOGAPS 3 hour Forecast Files
NOGAPS 6 hour Forecast Files
NOGAPS 9 hour Forecast Files
NOGAPS 12 hour Forecast Files
NOGAPS 15 hour Forecast Files
NOGAPS 18 hour Forecast Files
NOGAPS 21 hour Forecast Files
NOGAPS 24 hour Forecast Files
NAAPS 3 Hour Forecast Files
NAAPS 6 Hour Forecast Files
NAAPS 9 Hour Forecast Files
NAAPS 12 Hour Forecast Files
NAAPS 15 Hour Forecast Files
NAAPS 18 Hour Forecast Files
NAAPS 21 Hour Forecast Files
NAAPS 24 Hour Forecast Files
Earth Orientation - Finals 2000A
FNMOC 3 Hour Forecast Files
FNMOC 6 Hour Forecast Files
FNMOC 9 Hour Forecast Files
FNMOC 12 Hour Forecast Files
FNMOC 15 Hour Forecast Files
FNMOC 18 Hour Forecast Files
FNMOC 21 Hour Forecast Files
FNMOC 24 Hour Forecast Files
Global Multisensor Automated Snow/Ice (GMASI) - NH/SH

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