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    MSPPS Mapped Data - Microwave Surface and Precipitation Products System (MSPPS) produces near real-time operational surface and precipitation products from the AMSU-A, AMSU-B and MHS instruments aboard NOAA and METOP satellites. The operational products include Antenna Temperatures, Total Precipitable Water, Cloud Liquid Water, Sea Ice Concentration, Land Surface Temperature, Land Surface Emissivity at 23.8, 31.4 and 50.3 GHz, Snow Cover, Rain Rate, Snow Water Equivalent and Ice-Water Path. Both Level-II (orbital) and Level-III (grid) products are available.The MSPPS grid products include Snow Cover, Rain Rate and Snow-Water Equivalent from AMSU-B/MHS and Sea Ice Concentration from AMSU-A. These level 3 geophysical products are mapped with the 1/16th-mesh Polar Stereographic projection and updated daily. They are available in HDF-EOS format.

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