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    GCOM-W1 AMSR-2 RDR and TLE (GW1A2RTLE) (restricted) - ACCESS TO THE DATA IS RESTRICTED. The Global Change Observation Mission (GCOM) is a series of JAXA Earth Observation Missions as a successor to the EOS ADEOS 2 satellite and to the Aqua Mission. GCOM is, together with the GPM Mission, Japan's contribution to the GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems). The mission of GCOM-W1 is to observe the water cycle. The Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer-2 (AMSR2) aboard the GCOM-W1 detects microwave signals emitted naturally from the ground, sea surface and atmosphere, using six different frequency bands ranging from 7 GHz to 89 GHz. The AMSR2 microwave observations can be used to assess precipitation, vapor amounts, wind velocity above the ocean, sea water temperature, water levels on land areas, and snow depths. This collection contains the AMSR2 Raw Data Records (RDR) which are used to develop the higher-level processed products, Sensor and Environmental Data Records (SDR and EDR). Also, included in this data collection are the GCOM-W1 Two Line Elements and Mission Notices. ACCESS TO THE DATA IS RESTRICTED.

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