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    GOES Surface and Insolation Products - The GOES Surface and Insolation Products (GSIP) is a high spatial resolution (1/8 x 1/8 degrees) solar radiation product estimated from the GOES-East and -West Imager radiance measurements hourly for the Extended Northern Hemisphere scan sector and every three hours for the Full Disk scan sector. The products contain upwelling and downwelling shortwave (0.2-4.0 micrometers) and visible (0.4-0.7 micrometers) radiative fluxes at the top of the atmosphere and at the surface, cloud fraction and skin temperature. In addition to these primary products, cloud phase, visible cloud optical depth, outgoing longwave radiation, as well as derived byproducts (composite clear and cloudy reflectances) and ancillary data (total column amounts of water vapor and ozone) are also included. Compared with the earlier GSIP-CONUS product, the new GSIP products offer an improved accuracy and higher resolution insolation data for domains covering portions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. These improvements offer better estimates of coral bleaching and provide the high-resolution data needed for validation and forcing of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) surface physics.

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    1/10/18 - Please note that GSIP is no longer producing the GOES-East Northern Hemisphere Extended San Sector (GENHEM) and the GOES-East Full Disk Scan Sector (GEDISK) files since GOES-13 was turned off on January 8 at around 1530Z. GOES-16 data will not be incorporated into this dataset at this time.

    The GSIP V3 products have a known bug prior to April 9, 2014 at 1230 UTC. The bug applies to MTSAT and GOES-West Full Disk products where the coverage touches the dateline longitude (180W or 180E). The observation pixels along the dateline longitude were displaced to wrong longitudes, resulting in data gaps around the dateline.


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