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    Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment-2 - GOME-2 is a scanning spectrometer used to measure profiles of atmospheric ozone and to measure other trace gases in the atmosphere. It is an adaptation of a similar instrument already successfully flown on ESA's ERS-2 satellite. It is a nadir viewing across-track scanning spectrometer with a swath width of 1920 km. It measures the radiance back-scattered from the atmosphere and the surface of the Earth in the ultraviolet and visible range. The instrument uses four channels to cover the full spectral range from 240 to 790 nm with a spectral resolution of 0.2 nm at the lower end of the range, rising to 0.4 nm at the higher end. The instrument employs a mirror mechanism which scans across the satellite track with a maximum scan angle that can be varied from ground control, and three multi-spectral samples per scan. The ground pixel size of GOME-2 is 40 x 80 km.

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