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    CoastWatch Regions in HDF Format - The mapped data derived from AVHRR is divided into files for CoastWatch regions of interest. Each file contains multiple data variables stored using the HDF-4 Scientific Data Sets (SDS) model. The product contents are channel 1 albedo, channel 2 albedo, channel 3a albedo, channel 3 brightness temperature, channel 4 brightness temperature, channel 5 brightness temperature, moisture corrected sea-surface-temperature, 8-bit CLAVR ocean cloud mask, 2-bit CLAVR-X cloud mask, satellite zenith angle, solar zenith angle, relative azimuth angle and 8-bit graphics layers. The pixel resolution is 1.47 km/pixel except for synoptic region in Alaska (5 km/pixel) and the Great Lakes (1.8 km/pixel).

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