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    Pathfinder (from AVHRR) - The current AVHRRPF (or PATMOS) data sets cover the following satellites and time periods: NOAA-7 (9/81 - 1/85), NOAA-9 (2/85 - 10/88), NOAA-11 (11/88 - 8/94), and NOAA 14 (3/96 - 12/00). PATMOS-A1 computes statistics of the radiances in all five channels of the AVHRR from clear and cloudy 2x2 pixel arrays and from the total cloud amount for a total of 71 parameters. PATMOS-A2 computes statistics of aerosol optical thickness over the oceans, shortwave absorbed radiation, outgoing longwave radiation parameters of the radiation budget at the top of the atmosphere. Data presented here is extracted from PATMOS-A2 monthly mean.

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