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    Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder - Types of data products: Brightness temp, surface temp, rain rate, sea ice snow cover, TPW, IWP, CLW, and emissivity products

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    (01/31/2022) - Please note, CLASS offers a reprocessed version (pre 10/16/2019) of this data using the improved algorithms. See the RPATMSSDR products search page for details.

    (06/01/2018) - Many products from NOAA-20 are now available through CLASS back to Beta Maturity. Please note that the start dates listed below for each datatype apply to SNPP files. The start dates for all products by maturity levels by satellite id are available on NOAA's STAR website at Under each date there is a link to the full review of the product along with the latest readme on the last column. We encourage all users to assess product maturity before ordering and applying the data.

    Beginning on August 11-14, 2014, CLASS started receiving the majority of JPSS data in gzip compressed format. The file names remained the same. Other than the file size being smaller, users do not need to make any changes to their software to use the data.



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Sensor Data Record
ATMS Remapped to CrIS SDR (SATMR) (public 04/19/2012 - 09/08/2014)
ATMS SDR (SATMS) (public 12/10/2011)
ATMS Remapped to CrIS SDR Ellipsoid Geolocation (GATRO) (public 04/19/2012)
ATMS SDR Ellipsoid Geolocation (GATMO) (public 12/10/2011)



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