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    Advanced Scatterometer Level 2 (ASCAT_L2) - The Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) onboard MetOp-C is a real aperture radar operating at 5.255 GHz (C-band) with vertically polarized antennas. The instrument uses radar to measure backscatter to determine wind speed and direction over the surface of the ocean. ASCAT data feeds numerical weather prediction models, provides useful information on ice, snow and soil moisture, and is used to analyze areas of individual storm activity. This data family includes three Level-2 ocean surface wind products provided at 50 km, 25 km, and Ultra-High (4-10 km) resolution. Also provided are ice coverage images for Alaska, Ross Ice Shelf, Weddel Sea, the Arctic, and Antarctica at an effective resolution of 12 - 15 km. These products are produced by the NOAA Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) and are distributed by the Comprehensive Large Array-Data Stewardship System (CLASS) in the netCDF-4 file format with attributes included. Expand the "Details - Metadata, Documentation" section below for more details. Individual product (Datatype) descriptions, documentation, and possible bulk access options are available under the "Product Details" link.

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