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    Advanced Scatterometer Level 1B - The Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) is one of several European instruments carried on the MetOp series satellites. Its prime objective is to measure wind speed and direction over the ocean and to use the information primarily for weather forecasting and climate research. Data from ASCAT is also being applied in a number of other areas such as the monitoring of land-ice, sea-ice, snow cover and soil moisture. ASCAT uses radar to measure the electromagnetic backscatter from the wind-roughened ocean surface. The measuring principle relies on the fact that winds over the sea cause small-scale disturbances of the sea surface, which modify its radar backscattering characteristics in a particular way. These backscattering properties are well known and are dependent on both the wind speed over the sea and the direction of the wind with respect to the point from which the sea surface is observed. There are three level 1b datasets in CLASS: Full Resolution, 25km and 50km. The format description of these datasets is described in EUMETSAT's ASCAT Product Guide located under the Details section.

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